Leafcutter is a digital innovation agency with a focus on unique, tailored solutions for each client. We’re a close-knit and agile team that loves producing beautiful, well-designed and meaningful digital experiences that work in the real world. Our vision is to create a world where all ideas can be brought to life. We believe in making a difference, working smarter before harder, that simple is beautiful and that we can make it happen.

We are looking for a digital project manager to join the team who is going to be a key part of our growth well into the future. We’re looking for a team player that wants to lead creative, cross-functional teams to deliver great outcomes and to resolve problems quickly. We value quick-thinking and a determined, focused attitude – someone who likes learning quickly and applies a smarter before harder approach. We work with a range of clients that need our skills, from nonprofits to enterprise, and solve problems with technology, not the other way around.

Ultimately, we want a team member that believes in our team’s vision, to take ownership in that vision and to be an integral part of our team on the journey. We’re interested in a long term relationship, and want to have someone on board who wants to build great things with us.

Skills & Requirements

Reporting Lines:

You will report to the Head of Production and will work alongside technical and creative team members.

Key Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

  • Production and project management – resource management. Scheduling of resources, adhering to processes, management of multiple resources across multiple projects, ensuring timelines are met, getting the team around you to deliver industry-leading standards of work.
  • Client Relationships – building rapport with our clients, delivering valuable suggestions through consulting. Always coordinate key client relationships with business directors or sales and marketing team.
  • Ensuring on target delivery of our project stages. Making sure resources have clear plans and instructions to work to and that they meet their obligations throughout the various project stages. Risk mitigation is essential and bringing in the Digital Producer where issues are foreseen.
  • Briefing production & technical resources on projects we are working on and what is expected to be produced by the production & technical resources, in what timeframe, to what budget
  • Quality assurance of project deliverables – making sure that any project leaving our doors is of the highest quality standards
  • Identifying and up-selling services that provide additional value to clients – suggesting relevant services that could add value to our clients. Always coordinate up-sells with business directors or sales and marketing team.
  • Support Head of Production & the digital producer in the development of company processes
  • Bringing new contractors up to speed on our project processes and expectations
  • Sourcing external production resources for projects as required
  • Provide support and mentorship to other project managers where required.

Expected Experience/Skills:

  • Minimum 2 years relevant digital experience.
  • Relationship building and maintaining (ability to establish, maintain and build meaningful and genuine relationships with our client base and guide their decisions towards successful outcomes)
  • Exceptional organisation and time management (staying on top of projects, ensuring clients are communicated to and are always aligned, ensuring that production resources achieve their tasks to date, within budget)
  • Adaptability and reactivity (an ability to adapt and react to changes by quickly finding solutions to issues that arise – working with Head of Production and the digital producer to ensure issues are overcome/worked around with no to minimal impact on the client)
  • Foresight (an ability to pre-empt issues and points of concern – both people and project related – and mitigate the risks appropriately while coordinating with the digital producer).
  • Process orientated (being able to adhere to processes we have put in place as a business and innovate on the base we have created where necessary)
  • Experience with managing a team of highly agile and competent group of project managers
  • Medium to large website and app design and development project management.
  • Selling additional services through consulting (we pride ourselves on being able to make a difference through the right advice. Ensuring our clients receive maximum value through our various services is essential).
  • Candidates with experience managing nonprofit clients will be highly regarded.

Submit your application to [email protected] with a short email about yourself, your contact details and your CV.