Our continuous improvement services
make sure you stay ahead

We are true partners to our clients and are there to support them in growing and enhancing their platform after initial go live.

Support & Monitoring

We ensure that your site runs smoothly, and when there is a problem our team is on-hand to diagnose and fix issues.

Enhancements & Agile Development

We like to work with our clients to roll out new features and enhancements on a bi-weekly or monthly sprint basis.

Analytics & CRO

We help our clients determine what metrics to measure and to make strategic decisions based on the data they have.

Support & Monitoring

Why should I invest in support and monitoring?

Our continuous improvement services (CIS) are designed to provide you (our clients) with peace of mind and confidence that your investment is going to be professionally managed and looked after once it has been created. Our CIS allows you to focus on using your investment to grow your business, without worrying about the day-to-day of owning and managing a technology application or platform. Let our team of experts manage your platform for you and provide you with the confidence and security you need to focus on growing and developing your business.

What kind of support do you offer?

Our team will work with you for how-to questions, site enhancements, product training and user management.

What kind of monitoring do you provide?

Our monitoring service ensures that you always know that your application is running smoothly, is secure and is up-to-date.

This service includes:

  • Uptime monitoring
      • Your site is monitored constantly and notifications are sent to our team whenever the site is down
      • Our team will notify you of the incident and let you know what options you have for fixing the incident ASAP
      • Ensures that your system maintains a high level of uptime and that your users are getting the best user experience
  • Security scans
      • Ensure that your digital platform is secure and up-to-date
      • Our team scans the website on a regular basis for malware, blacklisting, out-of-date plugins and common hacks to make sure your users are safe and secure
      • When hacks are detected, our team will contact you with our recommendations of how best to proceed to minimise downtime and disruption to your business
  • Scheduled backups
      • Additional peace of mind in being able to restore backups quickly if required e.g. during a hack or data breach/loss event
      • Backups of files and database saved to external service
  • Minor updates and compatibility review
      • Ensure that your site always has the latest security patches and features.
      • Minor updates to platform are planned and executed on a monthly basis.
      • If there is a potential issue with the upgrade, or there is an issue found post upgrade (e.g. plugin incompatibility), our team will rollback to a stable version and then notify you of how to proceed
  • Monthly report
    • Monthly review of updates
    • Makes understanding the performance of your system and simple – so that you can focus on growing your business

Enhancements & Agile Development

How do you manage enhancements and new features?

We schedule our work iterations called sprints. A sprint is a smaller iteration of a larger or ongoing project, normally one month long following our standard process. At the start of each sprint, we scope the work required according to the product/sitemap roadmap and agree with our client the work to be delivered by the end of the sprint.

How do we manage sprints?

Each month, our team will discuss with your team the priorities for the month and will schedule the work accordingly. This includes design, development, testing and project management roles. At the end of each month, our team will review progress and provide as part of next month’s planning our recommendations on next steps.

What sort of work can fit into sprints?

Our sprints normally are composed of some initial UX and design time, development and testing at the end of the sprint. Depending on your needs, the time from each team member can be varied e.g. more time spent on development instead of UX.

Can you enhance existing applications?

Yes we are happy to take over applications that you may need to enhance or support.

Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimisation

What is conversion rate optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a combination of techniques that analyse what users do on your website or app. The collected data contains insights as to how your customers behave and interact, making CRO a powerful tool for improving the sales and conversion performance of your digital products. The team at Leafcutter have the expertise to plan, implement and run your CRO campaigns, so get in touch with us today to start optimising your site.

Why invest in analytics and conversion rate optimisation?

  • Get clearly articulated insights as to how your audiences behave and interact with you online, backed by data as proof.
  • Use these insights to improve the results you are getting from your website, web app or mobile app.
  • Knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are is what allows us to build effective strategies and systems that achieve your set business objectives.

How do we optimise your website and web apps?

Google Analytics Setup

The foundation of every digital marketing campaign relies on Analytics. If your Google Analytics isn’t setup correctly then you’re tracking the wrong information, leading to poor decisions. The very first thing we do in any campaign is to properly optimise Google Analytics. Here is a sample of some of the ways we do this:

Upgrading to Universal Analytics
• Turning on Demographics Data
• Turning on Enhanced Link Attribution
• Tracking site search functionality
• Turning on bot filtering
• Filtering out office IP addresses and supplier IP addresses
• Creating “Raw Data” and “Organic Search Only” profiles
• Setting up micro and macro conversion goals
• Setting up goal funnels (if necessary)

Google Analytics Analysis

The hard part is rarely getting the data, but rather what to do with it. There is an enormous amount of information to comb through, and it’s our job to find trends and meaningful insights. We sift through all of the data and condense it into a more digestible format that can be understood and actioned.

User Surveys

Users surveys find out what the conversion process was like for your customer, how it could be improved, what they would want changed, and so on. Asking customers for direct feedback always provides direct insight into how things could be improved, and often serves as the starting point for further investigation.

Session Recordings

Similar to the heat maps, session recordings allow us to record and watch user behaviour on your website. It gives us deeper insight into how people browse and most importantly highlights friction points that prevent users from converting.

Heat Maps, Scroll Maps & Click Maps

We’ll look at where people are focusing on each page to help determine what the ideal design layout would be to drive conversions. By understanding how a page is viewed and combined with information from the session recordings, it becomes easy to put forward a visual hierarchy with your goals in mind.

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