We are partners to our clients

Our team of web designers, developers and digital experts work hand in hand with our clients to achieve outcomes.

Our clients include leading NFPs, B-Corps and for-purpose organisations

The Leafcutter Team

We’re a team of digital experts, together we are Your Digital Partner. Each team member has a fantastic track record demonstrating consistent performance and delivery of ROI. The team embodies a variety of digital knowledge and expertise.

Our mix of talents ensures that our work is well critiqued and contributed to before it leaves our doors, guaranteeing a high quality output and brilliant results for you every time.

Our Story

The ants go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah. In 2011, Leafcutter was started by two ambitious founders, today we are a bold, growing agency working on solving problems and improving businesses through technology for a range of clients, from leading global companies to funded startups.

Why Leafcutter? Well, the foundations of a Leafcutter Ant society are based on teamwork, cooperation and being highly organised. Leafcutter Ants are also surprisingly strong and can carry up to 40 times their own body weight at a time. Applied to our team, this requires every person to be highly capable, experienced and reliable which also happens to be our guiding principles.

Our Purpose & Values

At the end of the day it all comes down to this; we exist to make a difference through technology


Make a difference

Focus on the biggest problems right at the start and doing them well. Having a solid base makes everything else much easier.

Work smarter before harder

Ask questions. Don't follow processes for the sake of it - understand the context of every workflow so we can continue to improve.

Simple is beautiful

Good work takes into account everyone who might look at it in the future. Approachable and succinct solutions are normally the best.

Make it happen

Lead from the front, be the hub that makes things work, understand the end goal of your project, beyond where you fit.

Learn something new every day

Share your knowledge. If you learn something or find something useful for others, make sure your team members and clients know about it.

One team, one dream

We all work together; ownerships are assigned but responsibilities are shared.

Have an idea?
Lets make it happen.

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