Engaging websites built on WordPress

As a team with immense experience with the WordPress platform, we can help understand your requirements and deliver you a website and content management platform that will grow with you going forward.

Marketing websites

We build engaging and easy to maintain websites based on WordPress. We create beautiful websites that can be easily maintained and extended by marketing and communications teams.

Fundraising websites

We create fundraising platforms that deliver high conversion and have advanced tracking capabilities. We make sure the platform is integrated into your CRM, payment gateway and core systems.

Online communities

We build online communications that include chat rooms, forums and groups. We develop these sites using an MVP approach and continue to improve them as the community grows.

Creating websites with WordPress

We use WordPress when you need a website and content management system that works now and in the future, regardless of the size of your organisation. Projects we have built with WordPress include marketing sites with thousands of content pages, integrated donation platforms and private and public community sites. When you need a new website experience that is modern, responsive and fresh, we can help you design and build your website using the WordPress platform to help you scale well into the future.

Website redesign & rebuild

If you have a website that is few years old and ready for a facelift as well as some much needed improvement to the overall user experience of the system, then our team can help you take that next step. Our team proudly features award winning digital experience designers and an extremely competent set of WordPress developers who will be there to guide the way in redesigning your website to deliver key outcomes and ROI.

What you need to create a results-driven website


Documenting your requirements is the first step you should look at doing before proceeding any further. Your requirements are the bible that guide the design and development of your new website. You need to know what you are expecting out of your marketing website before you embark on trying to create it. For example, you need people to be able to fill out an enquiry form for one of the services you offer. You might also have so many inquiries coming through that you decide you need the inquiries to flow straight through to your CRM system, in which case the requirements will need a lot more development effort. These details and many more, needs to be taken into consideration when scoping the needs of your new website.


This is perhaps the most important element in being able to craft results-driven marketing websites. It is your content that brings your brand to life and the quality of your written words (copy text) and imagery featured on the website will determine how effective your marketing website will be. Invest in your content, make sure your propositions are clear, your images are high quality and match the header text you give them, your call to actions are clear and in line with your business growth KPI’s etc… – if you want your website visitors to have a smooth and positive experience on your website.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) refers to crafting how visitors to your website will experience your content and be taken through the journey of your organisation. UX is how your story unfolds and is told to the user as they visit and click through your website and information. You need to really think through who your users are and how they behave online to be able to craft effective experiences and structure your content in such a way that it will engage the user and get you the action you require (e.g. contact us).

Analytics & Tracking

Analytics and tracking are essential to have in place and correctly setup. These tools are what will give you insight as to how visitors to your website are interacting with you online – what content they are engaging with, where they are dropping out of your site, what devices they are using to browse your content and so much more. If your website already has this in place as you move towards a redesign and build, it will contain valuable information that our team will want to analyse and use to drive UX design insights to implement on your new marketing website.

A CMS Platform

A content management system is what enables your marketing team to manage the content your customers experience when engaging with your brand online. It is the tool that makes utilising your marketing website to its full effect without needing an IT degree and coding experience – very powerful for marketing teams who want to be able utilise their website in a time and cost effective way to achieve business outcomes . There are many platforms your business might chose to utilise for your content management system – the key being one that is appropriate for your needs and easy for your team to manage. Most marketing websites we create for clients are using the WordPress CMS system – it is the easiest to use and most popular CMS for marketing related websites and content.

Website Hosting

A website needs a place on the internet to live, think of it like a physical street address where someone lives. To get an address on the internet and for a website to be visible online, you need to have hosting in place. If you have a current website online and are happy with the company hosting it e.g. it doesn’t go down all the time, they are responsive etc… then great, we will simply replace the old website with the new one when it is ready. Alternatively if you wish to switch to a new provider, our team can help source a few suitable options for you as this is not a service we offer ourselves.

How to create a website with Leafcutter

Phase 1: Project Scoping

We take the time to understand your project requirements and future ambitions. Your website will grow with you, and we want to ensure all your current and future needs are met.

Phase 2: UX & Website Design

Digital is challenging, innovative, intuitive, entertaining, invigorating and reliable. Don’t just have a website. Give your users a memorable and positive experience.

Phase 3: Website Development

We’re experts at responsive, mobile-ready design and will ensure that your website is capable of delivering a uniform and consistent User Experience across all devices.

Phase 4: Launch & Optimisation

Partnering with Leafcutter as ‘Your Digital Partner’ gives you a full systems training session, a one month post delivery report and option to elect us to manage your website.

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