the brand

The Challenge

Our latest challenge with Crucial was the repositioning of the brand online. Crucial decided to shift the focus of their business to the small business market and needed help with how this shift translated to their main point of customer interaction, their website.


Crucial needed to re-think their brand and personality to suit their new positioning. Minor work was done to the logo but a-lot of work went into developing and understanding the brands new digital style guide including people focussed imagery, iconography, tone of voice, colours and more. We created a digital style guide to ensure that the personality of Crucial was in-line with the market segment they wanted to focus on.

UX & Design

The design of the new website had to really speak to the small business owner. We spent the time to thoroughly understand the users and their decision making journeys. We directed the photography and its treatment online, designed and rolled out a unique own-able icon set, developed the tone of voice and personality online, and pulled all pieces together to create the final experience.


Our website solution is based on using a heavily customised version of WordPress. This was a more appropriate fit for Crucial as they planned to do regular updates to the site and wanted to have the flexibility to easily self-manage the system. We built the new site from the ground up ensuring it was robust, well coded and beautifully responsive.


  • Successful brand repositioning. The new online branding resonated well with Crucial customers.
  • Increase in new customer referrals to Crucial. Customers feeling a strong connection and trust in crucial, they get their customer.
  • Increase in revenue generated from Crucial’s partner program. Easy signup process enabled higher conversions. New brand positioning online created the incentive to partner.
  • Growth of traffic to website. Through better SEO site setup.

“The quality of Leafcutter’s work and commitment to excellence was present every step of way, from initial designs all the way through to final build sign off and testing. From concept to reality, we were fortunate to work with a great digital partner who understood and developed our brand strategy online and produced a world class outcome.”
Ijan Kruizinga, CEO, Crucial Hosting