User Experience


Project Need

Driven by Fundraising & Philanthropy (F&P)’s desire to remain an invaluable resource for leaders and progressive thinkers the nonprofit sector, our challenge was to significantly improve the user experience of the Fundraising & Philanthropy website and digital magazine for its loyal readers. The organisation had gone through a recent rebrand and needed their website to reflect these updates.

More importantly, the Fundraising & Philanthropy website was more than 5 years old.

It had a range of areas that required improvements including the optimisation of content for mobile and tablet devices for an increasingly mobile ready audience/reader base. Making it easier for people to subscribe to the magazine and for advertisers to promote their messages were additional key considerations of the new Fundraising & Philanthropy website redesign/build.




Fundraising & Philanthropy

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, WordPress Development

Creating a digital magazine

Critical to the Fundraising & Philanthropy website redesign was making their magazine content optimised and readable online for their subscribers. Before our work with them, their digital magazine consisted of a downloadable/readable PDF version of their print magazine – a non optimised experience for subscribers to the magazine, particularly on mobile devices. We designed a digital magazine format which allowed Fundraising & Philanthropy to use their new WordPress website to create optimised web pages for their digital magazine article content – with secured access based on subscriber login credentials. The end result was an optimised magazine content experience for Fundraising & Philanthropy subscribers.

Making access to content, easy

As part of the website redesign and development, we worked with the Fundraising & Philanthropy team to re-think how content was accessed on the new website. The previous website made it difficult for readers to engage with content. Much of the content was protected for subscribers only and was hidden from a large portion of the audience visiting the Fundraising & Philanthropy website, leaving readers increasingly frustrated. This was compounded by a lengthy subscriber sign up process, the combined effect of which was an unnecessarily high bounce rate across the site. We took F&P Magazine back to the drawing board to explore a new and improved strategy of restructuring their sitemap/website navigation and instilling a delicate balance of premium vs free content across the new site to keep both readers and advertisers engaged.


Advertising is a key component of Fundraising and Philanthropy’s business. We thought through the best ways of having advertising exposure built into the new website experience. More ad space was achieved throughout the new website to entice advertisers and event sponsors. Simultaneously, we were able to diversify the layout and form of these ad spaces without intruding on the Fundraising and Philanthropy reader experience.

Streamlining the path to action

We focussed on restructuring the navigation menu and eliminated confusing navigational elements that were causing friction for users navigating the website. Our process involved rigorous user testing to ensure that we devised the best user experience and subscription path for Fundraising and Philanthropy’s readers, whether they visit the website on mobile, tablet or desktop. We developed a call-to-action strategy to complement the user-friendly navigation, providing a clear and frictionless pathway designed to turn non-members into subscribers to the magazine and to drive ticket sales of F&P events.

The results

The design and restructure of the Fundraising & Philanthropy website has modernised the site, positively transforming the tone and aesthetic of their site and the way their magazine content is interacted with in a digital setting/environment. The new Fundraising & Philanthropy website also provides a significantly improved user experience for their loyal readers, which ultimately increases reader retention and drives subscription signups and event registrations.

More leads

Capturing more leads and prospects via the website's data capture forms.

Better CTAs

Converting prospects into customers with more prominent CTAs across the site for event ticket purchases, registration inquiries, subscriptions to their online magazine.

UX/UI Design

Improved UX/UI design and better user experience overall for their audience to grow brand awareness and authority for F&P’s online presence as a leading resource in the nonprofit sector.

Self Management

A simplified WordPress backend to enable the F&P team to more confidently and comfortably manage their website from uploading new content, managing sponsor ads, to updating event and course information.


Design and build a robust new system that will enable growth for F&P for the next 2-4 years.

Smooth Migration

Ensure a smooth transition from the current system to the new system for both users and for the F&P team with minimal downtime.