Getting Google Ad Grants

active for LLGA


The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges for any new Not For Profit organisation is building awareness. Live Life Get Active (LLGA), is a new non-profit organisation in the health and fitness industry, were no different, so they wanted to use Google’s Ad Grants program to help spread the word. However, after working with two other digital agencies to get their Ad Grants program running, their campaign’s results were disappointing. Knowing they can do better, they turned to us for help.

Project Goals

  • Increase traffic website traffic
  • Increase registrations for classes
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Identify new opportunities and get the most out of their Google Ad Grants account

Google Ad Grants


Live Life Get Active (LLGA)

What We Did

Review, manage and optimise LLGA’s existing Google Ad Grants account by addressing the following:

  • On-boarding, audit & setup
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign & ad group structure
  • Bid strategy & adjustments
  • Ads & ad extensions
  • Review/management

Live Life Get Active 

Thanks to a number of factors like lifestyle, increased stress and unhealthy diets, over 14 million Australians are either overweight or obese. This means that more than half of us are facing a range of significant health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and depression.

Life Life Get Active wants to change this. Through free group exercise classes, as well as helpful nutritional advice, LLGA strives to get Aussies moving, so they can lead happier and healthier lifestyles.

Working with federal & local governments, as well as corporates, they want to make group exercise classes available and accessible to everyone in Australia.

LLGA’s growth ambitions don’t stop at their existing 140+ communities, so to try to scale the organisation they turned to Google Ad Grants.

A False Start

Google’s Ad Grants provides eligible non-profits and charities with US$10,000 worth of in-kind ad spend per month – which can pad out Australian charities’ marketing budgets by a significant AU$170K each year. It also enables organisations to reach people they might not ordinarily be able to reach – when campaigns are managed effectively.

Live Life Get Active were keen to get started with the program, but after engaging external help from another digital marketing agency setting up their account and launching their campaign, their excitement started to dwindle. They didn’t see much impact on website activity or registrations, and with no internal expertise and limited resources their campaign received little to no results.

Getting Back on Track

Part of our role as an agency is to bridge the gap between the objectives of a campaign and what’s possible. So we sat down with Live Life Get Active to define what success looks like to them. The key areas they wanted to see change in were relevant traffic to the website and registrations for classes.

After assessing their current Google Ads campaign we uncovered a couple of key reasons of why results were disappointing: mismatch in the intent, keywords were too broad, and there was no geographical targeting.

A mismatch in intent meant that the intent behind the searches was different to what LLGA’s website and landing page were about. While targeted keywords were bringing in health-related traffic, they did not relate to the website – resulting in visitors immediately exiting the site.

A More Local Approach

Live Life Get Active’s classes take place in local communities, so people are highly likely to attend one near their home or workplace.

After extensive keyword research, we developed a highly localised strategy, targeting specific keywords people are searching for. We broke campaigns up into geo-specific ads and matched them with available classes, for instance “free yoga classes leichhardt”. We also adjusted their bid strategy to improve traffic and conversion performance.

Once we implemented these changes, it was time to test and learn. It’s only through continuous monitoring and optimising ad copy, keywords, strategy and spend that we can continue to lift the results of a campaign. 

We continue to manage LLGA’s Google Ads account and report back monthly on key metrics and campaign performance, so they’re always up to date with how their campaigns are tracking.

A Healthier Outcome

Although the campaigns have only been active since August 2019, Live Life Get Active have already seen a healthy increase in activity.

New sign-ups from paid search have significantly improved and website traffic has tripled. With more relevant traffic flowing to LLGA’s website, conversions are also on the rise.

Wrapping Up

There are a number of criteria you need to meet to be eligible for Google Ad Grants. To start, your organisation must be registered with Connecting Up and be classified as a charity or nonprofit in Australia.

Google Ad Grants can help organisations reach more supporters and raise awareness– but it’s not for everyone. If you have specific goals you hope to achieve from Ad Grants, let’s chat. We can audit your account and tell you how you can maximise it and include it in your digital marketing strategy.

Leafcutter has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to digital marketing agencies! We sought out Leafcutter because of their specialisation within the NFP sector and their industry knowledge and experience have been extremely beneficial. Within three short months, we have been able to turn a lagging AdGrants account into a well-performing marketing channel, with little to no work required on our behalf. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Alex King, Marketing and Communications Manager, Live Life Get Active.