Professional Expertise


Project Need

O’Connor Marsden (OCM) is one of the fastest growing professional service providers in Australia, with offices throughout the Eastern seaboard. In essence, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services to help organisations enhance their systems and procedures, strengthen controls and improve operating performance. OCM approached us with the objective of improving their brand image online and using their website as an online sales tool to entice prospective clients, assuring them of the company’s superior competence and experience in a suite of professional services.

Project Goals

  • Redesign and build new website for OCM.
  • Improve visual display of, and user experience with, content to ensure professional, modern, trustworthy and experienced are all traits that come across to a visitor to the website.  
  • Deploy the new site to the client’s hosting environment or provide details for them to deploy new site.



O’Connor Marsden

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, WordPress Development

Introducing a high-calibre group of professionals

We designed and developed OCM’s new website with a simplified design and improved UX. Where possible, we used a visual display of content to introduce OCM’s professional and friendly team and to showcase their portfolio of work to establish trust and credibility with prospective clients. To make self-management of OCM’s website as easy as possible, we used WordPress CMS with a drag and drop interface so internal staff can quickly and easily update assets, post events and industry news when available. Also, we set up Google Analytics for OCM and for the first time they were able to understand who their prospective customers were and how their prospective customers engage with them online.

The Results

The website we delivered for OCM ultimately places the company in an excellent position to successfully achieve its key objectives; namely: reassuring prospective clients of their professionalism and expertise, and establishing trust and confidence in the OCM teams’ ability to deliver results. With Google Analytics set up, OCM can further optimise the content they provide to their prospective clients.