A New Experience
for Supporters


Project Need

The Orangutan Project is an Australian Not-For-Profit organisation that works to promote the survival of Sumatran and Bornean orangutans in their natural environment. The Orangutan Project heavily relies on fundraising from awareness campaigns to provide technical and financial support to conservation projects and orangutan rehabilitation centres. The Orangutan Project approached us to design a new online experience for their supporters to improve engagement on their campaigns, as well as to drive conversions of their key campaign objectives.

Project Goals

  • Improve support engagement and ease of use.
  • Improve conversion rate of donation process.
  • Improve the ability for users to find information and navigate the site effectively.



The Orangutan Project

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design

Redesigning the supporter experience

The Orangutan Project has a strong brand presence within the media for the work they do in protecting endangered orangutans and fighting against deforestation. To bring The Orangutan Project’s brand to life, we built on the donor-centric objective of the new user experience we created by using bold and emotive Call To Actions (CTAs) throughout the website to reach out and engage with their supporters. We adopted The Orangutan Project’s brand style guide and used colours and assets that allude to orangutans and their natural environment. Further, we worked closely with the not for profit to source large,  powerful & emotive imagery to showcase the life- changing work the team at The Orangutan Project is involved in.

The Orangutan Project’s Google Analytics show that online donations through mobiles and tablets have increased by 100% compared to a year ago and donations through desktop have increased by 2%. We know that building a responsive and mobile optimised website is not only a better user experience (UX) for the not for profit’s supporters, but it is also essential for improving The Orangutan Project’s conversion rate for donations and of adoptions.

As part of establishing an improved user experience, we mapped out the donor’s journey and analysed how existing donors interacted with the website. We streamlined the donation process with giving handles with amounts and descriptions of how those amounts could support The Orangutan Project. The option to donate monthly was added and pre- selected for the donor to increase the not for profit’s efforts to acquire regular givers. By working closely with The Orangutan Project and understanding their donor’s behaviours, we were able to design and build a website that enhanced the overall experience for its supporters and donors.

The results

We designed and built a website that was donor-centric, with a superior UX to help The Orangutan Project achieve its key objectives; namely: modernise and globalise their brand, improve the user journey, and increase the number of conversions to donations to their organisation and adoptions to orangutans.