Migrating to
Shopify Plus
to enable 

Replatforming for growth

“I found Leafcutter to be very approachable, always in contact & they deliver their workmenship on time and on budget. I would recommend Leafcutter to any other business that were looking to upgrade their website or build a new website.”

Andrew McDonald, CEO, Perfume Clearance Centre


Project Need

Perfume Clearance Centre operates an online retail store selling perfumes and cosmetics with around 200 different brands of perfume and over 2000 individual product lines. These numbers were increasing year on year to meet growing customer demand. With exciting times ahead for Perfume Clearance Centre, they needed the right eCommerce platform to take their e-Commerce only business to the next level of growth and expansion.

Project Goals

  • Choose and implement a more flexible platform that will help PCC grow into the future
  • Redesign the PCC experience to improve conversion and create a better customer experience online
  • Minimal amount of disruption to the business caused by migration

Shopify Plus


Perfume Clearance Centre

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Shopify Development, Data Migration, Integration

The Need to Re-Platform

Perfume Clearance Centre had well outgrown their existing custom built ecommerce system which was expensive to maintain and enhance, was locked into a non-responsive vendor and proved very difficult to attempt to self manage. It was no longer the right fit anymore for the next phase of growth.

Perfume Clearance Centre came to us looking for advice on what platform options they had for the next phase of their website. Shopify Plus stood out as the best option when taking into consideration their teams’ available resources and platform needs. In more detail, Shopify Plus would allow Perfume Clearance Centre to:

  • Reduce the increasing costs required to maintain and update their proprietary e-commerce platform
  • Eliminate the cumbersome and hard-to-use nature of the existing CMS they had in place,
  • Ensure responsive design and mobile device optimised user experience,
  • Optimise inventory management so stock levels were updated in real time,
  • Link the POS to their online store and other sale channels they want to open, and
  • Scale their platform’s ability to operate with higher volumes of SKUs.

Building a stable platform

Choosing a theme

We redesigned and built the new online store by adapting a suitable responsive Shopify theme designed to improve conversion and enhance the customer’s online shopping experience. The theme was a good fit for their business which supported the diverse and vast range of products they have.

Integrating the Inventory Management System

Inventory Management with the custom built e-Commerce Platform was a huge waste of time and resources for Perfume Clearance Centre.

Their staff needed to manually document the sales and stock numbers from their sales channel which was often incredibly outdated. Not to mention that this manual process can stifle sales growth and spoil the customer’s experience in situations when stock levels are not updated promptly by staff.

Having re-platformed to Shopify Plus – all the grunt work involved around inventory management is automated behind the scenes through the platform. Inventory is tracked and stock levels are updated automatically in real time so it won’t disappoint.

The customer’s shopping experience was further enhanced when they checked out with their purchases, since shipping labels could be generated directly out of Shopify Plus with an integration link up to AusPost – a real money and time saver for Perfume Clearance Centre.

Enhancing the customer shopping experience

The following features have been enabled by Perfume Clearance Centre moving to Shopify Plus:

  • Mobile optimisation & latest browser support
  • Gift wrapping and card message options at the check-out
  • Wish List button for each product as well as social sharing
  • Product review & price comparison features
  • Recommended products and gifts carousel
  • Specials page
  • Live chat for customer support.

Project Results

On top of the re-platforming and migration of Perfume Clearance Centre’s online store, they wanted to operate their business as usual.

We gave them just that. A seamless migration with minimal disruption to Perfume Clearance Centre’s online business.