A New Experience
for Supporters


The Challenge

The Children’s Hospital Foundation (CHF) team recognised that their number one brand, engagement and donation platform needed a refresh to align with best practice UX and Design as well as cater to the Foundation’s specific user needs. The previous Children’s Hospital Foundation website was outdated and not representative of how CHF wanted to position itself. The website needed to be more effective at communicating the impact the Foundation was making as well as improving key user flows such as the donation experience.

Project Goals

  1. Increase in number of online donations through increased traffic volume as well as conversion rate
  2. Set up online data tracking to understand the behaviour of supporters online
  3. Easy to administer CMS system so CHF staff can easily create and update content
  4. Redesign navigation to drive users to key sections of the website



The Children’s Hospital Foundation

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Website Refresh, CRM Integration – iMIS

Helping sick and injured children and their families

The Children’s Hospital Foundation based in Brisbane is on a mission to help sick and injured kids by funding life-saving research, medical equipment and providing support and entertainment for children and their families. Dating back to the 19th century, the Foundation has been committed to making a difference in the fight against childhood illness and injury so that every child can grow up as happy and healthy as possible.

Redesigning the supporter experience

Understanding the varying audiences and types of supporters was absolutely critical in refining the supporter experience and was the major objective of the site refresh. CHF has a varied audience, including donors and fundraisers, families and children, volunteers and research staff. We worked with CHF to delve into the detail of different personas and then structure and prioritise information across the website to suit each audience. We also combined this user-led approach with historical data available through existing analytics tools to validate the new site structure.

After a number of discussions and workshops together with CHF, we made a joint decision to focus on the donors and fundraisers who support the organisation. We focused on showing the personal impact of the foundation’s work, including videos and interactive content that shows the various stories of families and the impact the foundation has everyday. We refined the donation and DIY fundraising journeys, in particular a significant optimisation to the donation flow including a conversion focused, step by step process with credit card, direct debit and PayPal payment options.

Integrating CRM, marketing automation and payment gateways

Aside from refining the user experience, we also wanted to make sure that the various supporter actions and touchpoints are integrated into CHF’s different systems. This was an imperative on the project to reduce the amount of manual effort required from CHF staff as well as improve the data integrity and visibility across systems. We worked on integrating donor data into the organisation’s CRM (iMIS) and integrating various form and donor data into the marketing automation platform (Campaign Monitor). We also integrated the Westpac Quick Gateway for credit card payments and Paydock for Paypal payments into the donation. By integrating Paydock and Campaign Monitor, both of these platforms will allow CHF to add additional functionality in the future with only minor amounts of additional work required.

Tracking and content management

It was important to CHF that their team can self-manage their website platform, including creating new content sections and rolling out new appeals. As part of the testing process, our team flew to Brisbane to deliver in-person training workshops to explain how to use the system and templates we developed to quickly and effectively manage content and create new campaigns. We also touched on some of the key things to look out for when creating digital content and fundraising campaigns.

We also made sure that we improved the level of tracking across the system so that CHF have a more in depth view of supporter behaviour. We setup our standard Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics as an effective baseline for online tracking. We then worked through more detailed tracking including eCommerce for donations and other key actions (e.g. contact enquiries).


The new Children’s Hospital Foundation website provides the team with a range of capabilities that they did not have previously:

  • A website that the team is comfortable to self manage – increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of  digital marketing and fundraising campaigns
  • Significantly improved tracking capabilities – which will enable the team to make more informed decisions and improvements that would not previously have been known
  • An integrated set of data with the CRM as the single source of truth – which has benefits for a wide range of stakeholders across the organisation
  • Best practice donation flow that encourages regular giving – improving conversion rates, in particular regular giving

We are continuing to work with CHF to increase their impact through digital and continue improving the site as their central web platform.  We are really excited to see the impact and growth from the platform over the next 12 months!