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5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile App Overhaul

By March 29, 2016 November 1st, 2019 No Comments
5 Mobile Trends for 2016 - Leafcutter

In 2014, Google informed us that global mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time. It was the announcement everyone was expected, but not everyone was ready for. Fast forward nearly two years and the team here at Leafcutter are still having conversations with businesses who are yet to go ‘mobile-first’, the idea that your digital presence starts with the smartphone and branches out to tablet and desktop.

Being a strategy-first digital agency, we look at smartphone readiness as being central to any successful project. That’s why we design with a methodology built around delivering the same magnificent experience on your iPhone as you’d get on your Macbook. It’s the experience that quite often counts when it comes to keeping users on your website and converting at checkout on mobile and mobile apps, but also where many businesses fail to capture sales and generate the revenue they need.

To help you understand the power of mobile-first design and smartphone apps, we’ll provide a list of 5 key reasons that you need to overhaul your mobile presence below.

5 Key Mobile App Trends for 2016

  • Up to 86% of mobile device usage is spent in apps, with remaining 14% is spent in mobile web browsers.
  • The conversion rate on mobile web browsers is just 0.92%, compared with 3.41% on desktops. This highlights the need to offer mobile apps which improve the checkout experience and increase conversion rates.
  • Email open rates on mobile are 2.5x higher than on desktop clients, highlighting the impact of sending to users during peak mobile periods such as the morning and afternoon commute.
  • 90% of customers use their mobile to do pre-purchase research on a product. If your mobile site or mobile app experience is poor, they probably won’t come back on desktop to buy.
  • This year, mobile ad spending will pass desktop ad spending for the first time. This reaffirms the point that people are more likely to click on your mobile ad and therefore visit your mobile site.

Building mobile apps for iPhone and Android is what the team here at Leafcutter excels in. If you believe you’re missing out on sales because of your mobile presence, get in touch with our team today and we’ll help you convert more leads and maximise your revenue.