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Symbiotic Relationships: A Sustainability Model for Australian Digital Agencies

By March 1, 2016 November 1st, 2019 No Comments
Australian Digital Agencies - Leafcutter

The team here at Leafcutter have recently gone through a transformation of sorts; we have re-imagined our purpose, vision and values, aligning them with the fast changing nature of the Australian business landscape.

Why adapt our values you say? It’s about relevancy and passion. As Australian digital agencies quickly become absorbed by the market due to price pressures, costs and outsourcing, we’re becoming more passionate about what’s sustainable in the long term. Sustainability can only be attributed to innovation, quality and a desire for our whole industry to grow – both competitor and partner agencies.

A recent PWC report into the digital intelligence in Australian business found that only 14% of companies looked to other businesses for innovation, meaning a staggering 86% believe that innovation can only occur from within their own organisation. The global benchmark for this was 23%, still not great but a whole lot further ahead than Australia. The reasons why businesses are afraid of the competition are typically misguided; fear of customer churn, loss of revenue, depreciation of brand value or relevance.

In reality, growing our Sydney-based digital agency is becoming a joy the more we look towards partnering with other sustainable agencies around Sydney and Australia. It’s the strength in numbers and focus on what you do best that delivers innovation, value and high quality digital products – which is the baseline that Australian businesses expect and deserve in 2016. For Leafcutter, this is our focus on creating high quality websites, custom web applications and native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices that are user centric and designed with the user experience front of mind. 

After the saddening collapse of Exa Web Solutions, and the loss of over 60 jobs across Australia, there’s no better time for Australian agencies to take the lead and drive this change towards sustainability; we have proven and continue to prove that we’re on the road to success here at Leafcutter.

If you’re affected by the recent Exa Web Solutions collapse and would like to know about how we can help your company transition across to a growing, sustainable digital agency which values the passion and ambition of Australian business, get in touch with us below.