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What is a landing page and when to use it

By May 31, 2019 November 1st, 2019 No Comments

This may seem like a simple question but you’ll be surprised at how much inaccurate information and confusion still exist so let’s put this to rest right now!

Landing pages are web pages built with a very specific goal in mind.

That goal is to drive visitors to your landing page and for them to take a specific action on the page.

What is the specific action?

Anything you want it to be, but typically for nonprofit organisations, the action is to:

  • Donate money
  • Capture data & sign-ups for:
    • Prospective donor acquisition
    • Petitions/pledges
    • Events
    • Volunteer recruitment
    • eNewsletters

Whatever the specific action is, it needs to align with your KPIs – whether they are fundraising, marketing, engagement or service related – and be tied back to achieving your overall organisational strategy.


Here is an example of one of the RSPCA’s landing pages for their Just 6 Minutes campaign.

It has been designed to highlight key information about a real issue amongst pet owners and to drive pledge sign-ups.

The pledge sign-ups are leads which the RSPCA will later telemarket to in order to convert them to become regular givers.

Take the pledge is the key action.

When do you need a landing page?

You need a landing page for:

  • Your specific campaigns or appeals
  • Eliciting a specific action on the page including any of the following desired outcomes:- Lead generation – value exchange campaigns
    • Email sign ups to receive info
    • Acquisition of donations (once off and RG)
    • Event registration
    • Volunteer registration

How are landing pages different to your website?

Pages of your website are typically designed to provide extensive detail about your mission, your impact, your services, your work with multiple calls to actions, shimmery images and impactful copy, that provides a user with more options and information to interact with. Your website pages are taking users through the journey you want them to go on when visiting your website and interacting with you online.

A high converting landing page, on the other hand, is differentiated by its utmost and singular focus on getting the visitor to take a specific action on the page, without any distracting elements to interact with. Everything about a landing page is set up to draw out your desired outcome from the visitor to the page.

Landing pages are great for eliciting single-minded actions such as donations, event sign-ups, petitions, volunteering and more.