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Where animation meets your next nonprofit campaign

By March 29, 2019 November 1st, 2019 No Comments

Where animation meets your next nonprofit campaign


Over the past several years, we’ve witnessed the rise of animation. It’s no longer just for kids – it’s now a powerful communication tool for organisations to get their message across. We believe it has the ability to capture an audience where other methods may fail.

So we wanted to try it for ourselves.

As a Leafcutter team, we’re always looking for ways to connect our audience – the nonprofit sector to our passion – digital technology. This is articulated in our purpose:

To connect our love for technology and our belief in humanity to change the world


But how could we tell our story in a simple and compelling way?

We thought of a powerful image.

But couldn’t find one that ticked all the boxes.

Then we thought of making a video, but knew it would take time to produce (we will make one, by the way)!

Our creative lead then had the brilliant idea to do an explainer animation.

What’s an explainer animation? You ask.

An explainer animation is a short animated video that aims to explain an idea or message in a simple, compelling way, through attention-grabbing visuals and clear language. These videos tend to be just a few minutes long, with an emphasis on simplicity so the core message comes across succinctly.

So what makes explainer animations such a good fit for nonprofits?

We know nonprofits face unique challenges. Explainer animations can help:

  1. Capture audience attention where other methods fail
  2. Provide a short form of storytelling that can be memorable and endearing
  3. Convey messages that inform, narrate instruct and explain
  4. Build an emotional connection and empathy with supporters
  5. Improve SEO performance because Google seems to love anything that moves!

Including animation in your next campaign could seriously boost your engagement. Why not do A/B testing to prove our theory?

If you are thinking of animation, here’s a few things you should consider:

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Get to the point fast
  • Give it pizzazz with clever narration, well designed visual schemes, – you have to engage and entertain the audience
  • Fast-paced, snappy delivery
  • Good music, narration and sound
  • Think about placement – website, landing page, EDM, social media post – ideally all the above
  • Use key messages, coined phrases and buzz words – where relevant


If you want to convert viewers into action-takers, using animation could be your best decision. The next one would be to talk to us about your animation idea 🙂