The Power 

Of E-gifting



Starlight would like to say thank you for the great work the team at Leafcutter did to develop parts of our virtual gifting solution for our online shop. Leafcutter came to the rescue when we needed to create a custom platform that integrates with our existing systems and allows for marketing automation. The team were professional, understanding of our needs, extremely responsive and our tight turnaround times were never a problem. Thank you Leafcutter!

Denise ZlotowskiDigital Marketing Manager, Starlight Children’s Foundation


Project Need

We were thrilled when Starlight Children’s Foundation approached us to develop a solution for e-gifting as part of their digital fundraising program. Raising funds with tight budgets is a continual challenge for all not for profits – which is why the concept of offering supporters to donate in exchange for a special e-gift sent to their loved one, is a simple yet powerful fundraising addition to the Starlight Children’s Foundation’s digital fundraising.

Project Goals

  • Increase in donations via new offering/product.
  • Showcase the different ways people can help Starlight and increase the reach of the organisation.



Starlight Children’s Foundation

What We Did

Shopify App Development

The Beauty of Automated E-Gifts

Adding the e-gift card range to Starlight’s Shopify powered online store gave Starlight an additional online avenue to raise funds that was simple and effective. Starlight was able to offer their supporters a different way to make online donations that was also very thoughtful and inspiring to the recipient. At the same time, Starlight did not have to worry about controlling inventory levels or managing the logistics of delivering a physical product to the recipient. It was a win win situation.

With every checkpoint of the e-gift transaction being automated, Starlight Children’s Foundation were able to spend more time creating powerful donor eccentric email templates for the donor and the recipient. Automated email reminders and e-gift receipt notifications were sent to the donor and the e-gift recipient, opening up further communication touch points for awareness and donations.

The Results

We developed the e-gift card functionality which was perfectly integrated with Starlight’s Shopify powered online store. Within a couple of weeks from our brief, Starlight’s e-gift card range was live and running smoothly just in time for their end of year Christmas Appeal!