Making eGifts easy

with a Shopify store


Project Need

WaterAid Australia is a national non-government organisation (NGO) that works alongside partner organisations and local communities to help give people in some of the world’s poorest countries access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. In preparation for the Christmas giving season, WaterAid Australia enlisted our digital agency to develop its Australian e-gift card store, which is built on the Shopify platform, to facilitate, and enhance their Christmas Gifts appeal campaign.

Project Goals

  • To create a great experience for donors and gift card recipients
  • To create a robust admin experience that makes it easy for administrators to import and export data from the system
  • To develop a platform that can be built upon and improved year on year
  • To achieve financial fundraising objectives




What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Shopify Development

The Power of Gifting

Through its Shopify e-store, donors can purchase both physical and electronic gifts for their loved ones, and thereby support WaterAid Australia’s work. Adding the e-gift card range to WaterAid’s Shopify powered online store gave the not-for-profit an additional online avenue to raise funds that are straightforward and seamless because their internal fundraising team does not need to worry about controlling inventory levels or managing the logistics of delivering a physical product to the donor’s loved ones. At the same time, WaterAid can offer its donors a different way to make online donations that are also very thoughtful and inspiring to their loved ones.

To cater for the growing number of tablet and smartphone users, it was imperative that the mobile experience of the not-for-profit’s Shopify store was optimised and carefully considered. In addition, we created a robust administration system that is easy to use and facilitates timely imports and exports of data. We set up the platform in such a way that it can be built and improved upon year after year, giving WaterAid Australia the capacity to grow its Shopify store well into the future.

Consistent Branding

As verified Shopify & Shopify Plus experts, we were able to set up the Shopify store without compromising on the UX of the site. Furthermore, we were able to replicate the design and overall aesthetic of the WaterAid brand, so as to maintain a high level of consistency across the organisation’s various websites worldwide. We also incorporated WaterAid Australia’s branding into the email notifications their donors receive to further enhance their visibility and reach.

The Result

Capitalising on our extensive experience working alongside various not-for-profit organisations & the Shopify platform, we were able to deliver WaterAid Australia a solution that not only satisfied its immediate needs but also placed the organisation in a good position to achieve its future fundraising goals.