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Bravecto is an MSD Animal Health brand. Designed for dogs, Bravecto is the only product offering a full 3 month tick and flea protection. For the Australian product launch, Leafcutter was engaged to help design a unique way of communicating Bravecto to the Aussie dog owning audience.


We expanded on the Australian brand creative.

  • We created unique own-able icons for use on the website and other channels.
  • We sourced and directed photography.
  • We designed vector images bringing personality to the brand.
  • We took it from a clinical feel and injected a bit of personality and character.


The website needed to display information about the product and its use. We created the website from the ground up, tailoring it specifically for Bravecto’s audience. As part of the website build we included features like an interactive map to locate stockists, an email reminder service, the ability to recommend a Bravecto to a friend via email and more.

iOS and Android apps

Central to this operation was creating a personal experience to improve compliance. The Bravecto Reminder App allows users to create a profile of their furry friend, including a picture and detailing their friend’s last Bravecto treatment. At various intervals leading up to the next treatment date the app sends a notification message to a treatment is never forgotten.

BravoDog arcade

The Australian brand team asked us what they could do to drive innovative engagement at the product launch events. We explored a range of ideas and settled on creating a Pac-Man style game encased in an arcade machine shell. We went with this idea because the target audience grew up with Pac-Man and arcade machines so would find familiarity in offering. We created the sub-brand BravoDog for the machines as well as the vinyls that wrapped them. We got the shell built through a local supplier and we designed the game in-house from the ground up.


It was important to create a range of EDM templates for Bravecto for a few reasons.

  • Marketing to the existing database of Vet contacts.
  • Confirmation and reminder emails to those who sign up to the Bravecto Email Reminder Service.
  • For users who recommended Bravecto to their friend group using our website.

“The team at Leafcutter were great, very passionate and driven to succeed. They offered us creative and innovative digital solutions to engage with our audiences and break through the clutter. In addition the structured and streamlined processes they implemented ensured everyone involved was kept up to date, potential issues were raised well in advance, and the end product was delivered in a timely manner within budget. I would definitely recommend Leafcutter as a forward thinking, highly engaged digital partner.”

Vanesa Gattellari, Senior Brand Manager, MSD Animal Health


Successful management and delivery of multiple complex projects.

High levels of event participation and brand exposure with BravoDog arcade machine games.

MSD Global and international market recognition of Australian brand teams product rollout and brand assets.