Fundraising with
Guardian Angel 



RSPCA Australia is an Australian peak organisation concerned with the welfare and protection of Animals. Project Guardian Angel has been the RSPCA’s Christmas appeal for six years. It is a fundamental part of their fundraising program and has the unique feature that it allows donors to be directly paired with an animal.

What We Delivered

The project called for the complete redesign of the RSPCA Project Guardian Angel website. The new Leafcutter designed and built site created an engagement experience for users and a robust, user friendly administration area for the RSPCA. The result was a significant boost in donations and boost exposure of Project Guardian Angel.

Goals of the RSPCA

The goals and objectives of the Guardian Angel site were:

  • Raise funds through donations
  • Convert new visitors to make a donation
  • Engage donors to find out who they are being a Guardian Angel for (i.e the animal they are supporting)
  • Create a great experience for donors and gift card recipients
  • Create a robust admin experience that makes it easy for admin to import and export data

Mobile Ready Donations

Central to the project was the mobile responsive website. Our team built a beautifully functional site which is optimised for mobile and desktop, allowing for easier donations from the customers and a more immersive end-to-end experience for both the user and RSPCA.

The Power of Puppies

It was important to connect the donors with the animals in a warm and enriching way. We included friendly, bold imagery which brought the dogs and cats to life on the site, whilst retaining the branding and colourways of the Guardian Angel Project, resulting in a ‘two paws up’ review from the RSPCA.

Project Results


Increase in new online donors.


Increase in online donations.


Increase in no. of sessions to their website.