Yeti Australia:
New Market Launch

with Shopify Plus




Speed to market

“Leafcutter came to me with the options and the solutions with Shopify which were 100% what we were looking for. [Our US team] was quite shocked at how quick the site got up along with how well the site got working and… the brand & the online shopping experience.”

Simon Traynor, General Manager, Yeti Australia & New Zealand


Project Need

Yeti International is a multi-million dollar manufacturer and retailer of premium coolers and other outdoor lifestyle products based in the US who were moving to launch their brand in the Australia and New Zealand markets. To enable YETI’s global expansion plans Leafcutter were selected as YETI Australia and New Zealand’s e-commerce agency partner, being Australia’s premier Shopify Plus experts, to create their online store on the Shopify Plus platform. YETI’s Australian team needed an ecommerce store setup to sell direct to consumer as well as a wholesale site to sell to their retail outlet distribution network.

Project Goals

  • Replicate a similar customer experience on the new Australian site, localized and tailored to the needs of the market
  • Choose and implement a more flexible platform that can be extended quickly and cost effectively
  • Minimal amount of disruption to the business caused by migration

Shopify Plus


Yeti Australia

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Shopify Development, Shopify Apps

Why Magento was not the solution

YETI international runs their online store on Magento. They also have a Drupal website that powers their blog and brand story content – a big part of bringing the YETI brand experience to life, online. Platform choice was an important factor in driving a quick and effective launch of the YETI business in Australia and New Zealand. Whilst it was possible for head office to create a new store on the Magento platform for the Australia and New Zealand market, that approach came with limitations that outweighed the benefits. These limitations included; time to launch due to dealing with the US head office team, and managing complexity due to the cumbersome and highly complex Magento infrastructure.

Choosing Shopify Plus

To simplify and streamline YETI’s AU & NZ go to market approach, we developed their Australian and New Zealand e-commerce store on the Shopify Plus platform. This approach enabled a significantly faster online store setup and market launch that meant YETI could achieve their market launch objectives faster and more effectively. The simplicity of running the Shopify Plus platform also meant that the YETI Australia and New Zealand team could easily and effectively manage the website in the local market without requiring heavy agency input or internal technical infrastructure and expertise, saving them time and money and allowing them to focus on achieving the market penetration objectives of their new market launch.

A Consistent Brand Experience

Brand is an essential element of YETI’s business and overall success when it comes to differentiating their product in the market and building a deep emotional connection with their target audience – the outdoors men and women. It is brought to life online through amazingly choreographed and captured imagery, videography and real life stories that feature and bring YETI’s products to life. The Australian and New Zealand online store needed to replicate the US stores commitment to brand. Our team worked closely with YETI’s US head office team and their Australia and New Zealand team to ensure that the online brand experience provided in the US was successfully replicated and brought to life for the Australia and New Zealand store. The result was an online store on the Shopify Plus platform that spoke true to the YETI international brand experience.

The Results

Ultimately, our teams expertise in working with the Shopify Plus platform has made setting up YETI Australia and New Zealand’s online store seamless and straightforward; successfully capturing their brand presence and migrating their pre-existing product data and categories, enabling them to focus on their core objective; establishing their brand and product range across Australia and New Zealand.